The mission of Team Ladybug is to provide funding to families who might otherwise not be able to continue cancer treatment due to financial hardship.  While our dear Caroline's battle was a long, difficult journey, she lived life to the fullest and kept us smiling until the end.  For her, the financial side of things was not an issue due to quality health insurance and additional financial resources.  However, there is no doubt that there are many patients and families who are not in a similar situation.  Team Ladybug is an effort to level the playing field for those families that need help in getting all of the treatment that they need in order to live as long as they can, with the highest quality of life possible.  No family or individual should be without quality health care, and a lack of funds should not be a reason to suspend or abandon treatment.

     Team Ladybug's fundraisers will typically entail outdoor activities, be it cycling, paddling, running, tennis, or anything else that we deem an appropriate expenditure of time and resources in the interest of raising money for cancer patients.  We hope you will support our organization in whatever way is most appropriate for you.